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E-M:/ PRESS RELEASE: High Ranking Michigan Democrat joins Green Party

Enviro-Mich message from Sheinzman <sheinzman@prodigy.net>

October 30, 2000
PRESS RELEASE: High Ranking Michigan Democrat joins Green Party

The Green Party of Michigan (www.migreens.org) announces that former
County Democratic Party Chairman Robert Bruce has joined the Green Party
Michigan.  Bruce has officially endorsed Ralph Nader for President and
serve as Berrien County Coordinator for Nader 2000.  Bruce,  35, of
Springs, is the highest-ranking State Democratic Official to leave the
Democrats and endorse Nader.  He notes that Nader, unlike Republican
Candidate George W. Bush and Democratic Candidate Al Gore, has spent a
lifetime of service to the people of the United States making real and
positive changes in their lives, and not just paying lip service to the
people while taking in millions of dollars in corporate special interest


Bruce can be contacted at 616-471-9082 or by email at

The Green Party of Michigan was formed in 1987 to address issues ranging

from the environmental to peace, justice, and democracy in Michigan
politics. There are Green Parties in every state in America. Although
state party sets its own goals and creates its own structure, all
Greens agree on Ten Key Values: Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy,

Social Justice, Non-violence, Sexual Equality, Decentralization,
Community-based Economics, Future Focus, Respect for Diversity, and
and Global Responsibility.

Mike Nowak

"If we want our legislators to vote their conscience,
 then we must vote our conscience." -- Ralph Nader (www.votenader.org)

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