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E-M:/ The Debate

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

How interesting. How depressing. I've seen a lot of hard work reported here 
on Enviro-Mich. by a lot of people I have held in high regard. Now I have to 
tell you that I don't have a lot of respect for lawyers or high level 
politicians. They, in no way, represent the growth of human beings. Politics 
are based on greed and therefore,  not fitting of the guardians of this 

On Enviro-Mich I find the people who are "one with the earth." You don't have 
to be Native American to take something from the earth, respect and honor it 
and replace it all at the same time. Here we try to do that. Most everyone 
has a passion for their area of expertise and the earth in general.

And now comes politics.

And here on E-M, people of wisdom are reduced to children. Candidates like 
Al, Ralph, or George may not understand what some of the people on 
Enviro-Mich have already made part of their personal make-up. They cannot 
grow because they are too caught up in politics, and bright lights, and cash, 
lots of cash. Politics and truth do no longer mix at that level. And to prove 
it, we can't just discuss them without fighting like them, like children. 
Putting each other down is not growth. 

And just a comment to share for the Gore supporters, the number one reason 
people are supporting G.W. is the guns issue. That is the number one issue I 
hear people bring up, Gore wants to take the guns away, and only honest 
people will be effected. Just reporting what I hear in S.E. Michigan.

Please, if you want respect, respect others, even if you don't agree with 
their views. [except Russ and Johnny E].
Jerry Renning

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