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E-M:/ Fw: [EF!] Voting is bad for wilderness.

Here is something to ponder....
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From: Green Anarchy
To: earthfirstalert@egroups.com

I keep reading all of these posts about Nader and Bush
and Gore and I have to wonder to myself, "How the hell
can these people be serious?"

We all sit back on these lists day in and day out and
wonder who our next dictator is going to be without
ever challenging the fact that is not only humiliating
to be led, but that it also runs completely contrary
to any environmental sensibilty.

Nader is simply a representative of the "Loyal
opposition" who complain their asses off, but then
still happily prop up industrial civilization,
capitalism, and continued dehumanization. Tell you
what, next time you see someone starving in the
streets, tell them you voted for Nader. It makes no

The only thing that does make a difference is direct
action. If we want to stop seeing the wild dissapear
under the death machine of industry, then we have to
physically dismantle it and at the same time provide
an immediate alternative to those suffering. Of
course, this takes more responsibility than just
spending 4 minutes every four years voting for some
new savior. Arming ourselves and our communities is
much more difficult than going to a ballot box, but it
is also far more rewarding. Feeding the poor or
releasing animals from concentration camps requires
moving your ass away from the computer, but in the end
I guarantee it will do more good than giving your vote
to any candidate that ultimately will continue this
death march that we are on.

So long as there is government, there will be division
of labor. In other words, those of us at the bottom
must work harder to produce surplus food and housing
for those on top. And then we need to build their
homes and arm their security guards, and be fodder in
their armies. All of this production is contrary to
everything Earth Firsters should stand for. The fact
is, that unless we become far more primitive and
abolish division of labor (Everyone has the same job-
gathering food and shelter for their community) we as
a species are dooming the wild and all of it's
inhabitants. We don't need Nader, we need an army to
fight back against the bastards who are eating this
planet alive.


"I told the folks in Eugene that I came from a long line of cop killers. I told them that if it had not been for my ancestors' willingness to kill their opressors I might not be alive today." Rod Coronado- the high price of pacifism

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