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E-M:/ It Is Not Safe!

Enviro-Mich message from "Murray Dailey" <murphwild1@hotmail.com>


I believe because of the lack of understanding of some of the details of 
environmental issues, the greens do not know how BAD Bush would 
be--especially if the house remains republican controlled. One or the other 
would be bad, but control of both house and oval office by republicans would 
be a full out environmental holocaust--this is not hyperbole.  There are too 
few strongholds of biodiversity left. The republicans in control could wipe 
out the last remaining native or recovering forests in no time at all.  This 
is not the time.

The greens i have interacted with seem to be mostly about social justice, 
feminism, human rights (in far away places), etc.., and are made up in the 
traditional liberal strongholds which one sees in places like Madison 
Wisconsin, University of Michigan etc.

In fact, Dale Kildee(D) has helped far more than any green or republican in 
this state when it comes to protecting forests and the wild and the 
environment.  Congressman Kildee recently was involved in our (northwoods 
Wilderness Recovery) efforts to get cutting stopped in the Indian Wild and 
Scenic River corridor in Ottawa NF. Mr. Kildee authored the Michigan 
Wilderness Act and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.  He sits on two natural 
resources subcommittee's and the House Natural Resources Committee.  We also 
have three democrats  cosponsoring the National Forest Protection and 
Restoration Act in Michigan. Mr. Kildee in a house majority of democrats is 
going to be key for the environment. I believe his seat is safe.  Of course 
he needs to take even stronger stands on the environment in light of 
increased destruction of it.

A republican prez with a republican house would in fact be a nightmare 
beyond the current nightmare comprehension.

I could in good conscience support Nader, but I cannot in good conscience 
support the green party around him as it is today. They just dont have it 
together yet.  This is an academic assertion, not an attack--cause there 
have been to many mean spirited and vile attacks going back and forth around 
this country between enviros and green party. I support aggressive debate.  
I also beleive in holding hard-line conservation positions, and am never 
hesitant to raise cane among the green establishment when i sense weak 
positions, tactics or methods.

Our being in a swing state of Michigan requires that i make this post.

Kind regards,

Murray Dailey

PS. unedited

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