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E-M:/ Developers Dominate Contributions to Several Meridian Campaigns

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November 1, 2000

Developers Dominate Contributions to Several Meridian Campaigns

Meridian BiPartisan Leadership Encourages Disclosure of Contributions

 Saying that open and accountable government starts with disclosure of
campaign finance information, the members of Meridian BiPartisan Leadership
today released information taken from campaign finance reports about
contributions to various Meridian Township Board campaigns.  Standing at the
intersection of Bennett Road and Okemos Road, members of the Meridian
BiPartisan Leadership team talked about reports filed last week showing that
at least five candidates, including the four incumbents on the Meridian
Township Board, received more than half of their contributions from
developers or development interests with concerns in Meridian Township.

 In addition, two candidates received less than 16% of their contributions
from individuals unaffiliated with development interests or political action
committees.  At least one incumbent, Tom Klunzinger, declined to file
campaign disclosure documents, claiming his campaign had less than $1,000
worth of activity for the entire election cycle. The reports are for
contributions and expenditures during the last reporting period, from late
August to October 22.

 "Meridian Township residents deserve to know who is paying for the
campaigns of Township Board candidates, so they can compare that with the
promises made in the ads bought with those donations,² said Patricia Hagen,
Meridian BiPartisan Leadership candidate for Meridian Township Clerk. ³The
prominent role of developer dollars in these campaigns should be carefully
weighed by voters next Tuesday in casting votes for Township Board.²

 Julie Brixie, Meridian BiPartisan Leadership candidate for Trustee,
discussed the importance members of the BiPartisan team have put on raising
funds from residents of the Township.  ³The tremendous show of support from
residents all over Meridian Township who have contributed both dollars and
time to Meridian BiPartisan Leadership¹s grassroots campaign shows that our
slate of candidates is ready and eager to represent the residents in the
Township Hall.  We think that voters should know who has the support of the
residents now, because that says a lot about who Board members will listen
to after the elections.²

 Copies of reports are available from the Ingham County Clerk¹s office.  A
summary of contributions to some of the candidates is available upon


Tom, Anne, Nate and Pete Woiwode
5088 Powell Road
Okemos, MI 48864

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