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E-M:/ Lee Iacocca is building Al Gore's "extreme idea" in Taiwan

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@voyager.net>

>To any and all GOP lurkers out there --did anyone in the Grand Ol' Party 
>bother to check what Lee Iacocca's doing these days before he was asked to 
>scare UAW members for the GOP?
>In 1997 Mr. Iacocca  founded EV Global Motors Company to design, market, 
>and distribute light electric vehicles.  If Gore's desire to find a 
>replacement for the internal combustion engine is extreme then it appears 
>Iacocca's planning to design, market and distribute Al's "extreme 
>idea."  (Or maybe Mr. Iacocca thinks he can make money doing it or.....)
>But, I guess John Engler and the Michigan Republican's are hoping that 
>Michigan's union members will remember Iacocca before he moved to 
>California and "came out of the automotive closet" as an electric vehicle 
>To learn more about Mr. Iacocca's conversion from internal combustion to 
>EV go to: http://www.evbikes.com/iacocca
>As Iacocca says,"I believe that America is ready for someone to take this 
>exciting technology from theory to reality."  EV Global's first product is 
>an electric bike, the e-bike, and more electric vehicle products are in 
>the works at Mr. Iacocca's company. "I envision lots of choices: bicycles, 
>tandems, pedicab versions, scooters, and maybe even small four-wheel 
>neighborhood vehicles.  I think the American public would love new choices 
>and will support clean and quiet vehicles if they're functional, 
>affordable, and fun," Iacocca said.
>Oh yeah, there's another small thing Michigan's union members might find 
>interesting about Mr. Iacocca's current venture -- especially considering 
>his concern about the availability of jobs for Michigan families.  EV 
>Global Motors is based in Los Angeles.  The electric motor for Iacocca's 
>current electric vehicle is manufactured in Germany, the batteries come 
>from Japan, and the bike is assembled in Taiwan.
>In addition Lee has found a unique financial twist -- "Foreign investors 
>are allowed to invest in non-listed stocks as long as those companies are 
>involved in environmental programs," Iacocca explained.
>Hmmm, maybe it's not Gore's philosophy on internal combustion engines and 
>automobiles that Iacocca doesn't like.
>David Wright
>Sources for Mr. Iacocca's quotes include EV Global Motors website and 
>"Iacocca's e-Bike -- Have Electric Vehicles Arrived" in Media Investor 
>May/June 2000 Issue.

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