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Re: E-M:/ Auto-distribution center in Milan

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

Congratulations to the Milan Area Concerned Citizens, and there successful 
opposition to the GM, Ann Arbor Railroad project. This is another up lifting 
success story for this area, as large businesses look at out prisons and Ford 
plant, and see us as a place to easily dump a business less than ecologically 
This area has said NO to local politicians, elected whole new boards, stopped 
toxic waste dump/incinerator/deep well injection systems, and a railroad 
project that would have ruined good farm land.
This grass roots group formed less than 2 years ago, made up of neighbors and 
supporters from the area. Other local groups like MCAT'S and ICAG and Ecology 
Center along with untold help from other state groups, helped these country 
people form an army that did what ever it took to stop this rail plan. 
I hope at some point they will produce a history of their fight as a guide 
and inspiration to other groups. NO means NO, hit GM and the Ann Arbor 
Railroad hard enough to get them to apparently back away. 
Now this area can, at least temporarily, concentrate on what I personally 
call the London Sand /MDEQ project, and Toronto trash, to name but a few.
And a few back slaps for Enviro-Mich. The Milan Area Concerned Citizens only 
started writing to this group a couple months ago, and really seemed to pick 
up a "head of steam" [sorry A.A. R.R.], due to the support they got here! 
It's certainly a good note to know that right here at E-M we can build planes 
and destroyers and bomb the "heck" out of the bad-guys.
Thanks Enviro-Mich for being!
Jerry Renning

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