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E-M:/ substation/power plant opposition

Everyone should be aware that dozens of opposition groups (most recent
example below) which have formed to fight one of the ugly sides of utility
deregulation.   There are rumored ( no one knows for sure how many) to be
20-40 CNG merchant power plants in different stages of speculative
development around the state. The attached spreadsheet shows some of the
new plants we know about. These plants when constructed will represent
around 50% of our current generating capacity(more than anyone has
projected that we actually need).  Because of dereg there is no one at the
state level which has any idea what is going on here(the Public Service
Commission has no jurisdiction over this).

The state has no siting policy for these plants, no need justification, no
brownfield siting requirements and simply doesn't seem to care whether
Michigan becomes Chicago, Ohio and Windsors power source.   Needless to
say, there is also no guarantee that any of this power is actually going to
used in Michigan.  For instance, many of these plants proposed for SW
Michigan will primarily feed Chicago.  Finally, nearly everyone of these
propossed plants has significant opposition from local residents.  Its time
for the state in intervene in this madness!   The state needs to establish
some sort of siting criterea for these plants or we will face major
problems in the years ahead.

Jeff Gearhart


Check out Citizens Against the Proposed Substation (CAPS)

Consumers has proposed to instal a substation on 80 acres of prime famrland
in Deerfield Township, Lanewa county.  The instalation of a substation is
the first step towards bringing a power plant to this location(the site is
already near major gas pipelines).  It is rumored that Panda Energy out of
Texas has already expressed some interest in locating a plant at this

The farmland is also enrolled in the Farmland and Open Space Preservation
Program and would require the county and state(Ag Dept) to release the land
for the project to go forward.  Consumers is requesting the the County and
State release the land from the program so that the development can go

More Details:
Consumers Energy proposes to construct a new 345kV to 138kV stepdown
substation (tentatively called
Lenawee Substation) in Deerfield Township, Lenawee County. Connecting the
138kV transmission system to
the 345kV system via this new substation will provide an additional source
of bulk power into the area,
thereby reducing the possiblity of low voltage or loss of service during
certain outage conditions.

This new substation should be located as close as practicable to the
crossing of an existing 345kV line, which
presently connects First Energy Corporation in Ohio to Detroit Edison's,
and two Consumers Energy 138kV
lines which now serve this area.

Initially, this substation would be constructed to accomodate two 345kV
circuits and four 138kV circuits and
will include a stepdown transformer and associated circuit breakers. Space
will be provided to ultimately
allow the addition of two additional 345kV circuits and four additional
138kV lines as well as associated
substation equipment.

Help out Today!  The County Commissioners will be meeting on Nov 7 to
consider releasing the farmland from the Preservation program.

Call the Lenawee County County Commissioners at (517-264-4507)
or e-mail your concerns to Rich Harlow (HARLOWR@state.mi.us) and tell them
that this development is unnecessary at this site and will destroy prime
farm land.


Jeff Gearhart
Campaign Director
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
(734)663-2400 x117
(734)663-2414 fx.


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