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E-M:/ Flint Metal Shredder

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Tonight the Air Quality Division of Michigan
Department of Environmental Quality heard from
a crowd of citizens at Flint's Carpenter Road
Elementary School objecting to a proposed metal
shredder operation to be sited at the Spooner Auto
Parts site on Dort Highway in Flint.

Metal shredders can be substantial emission sources
of mercury and other airborne toxicants.  Depending
on assumptions made about technical controls
on the facility and the efficacy of waste
pre-processing, estimated mercury emissions can range from
about 5 lbs per year all the way up to about 400 lbs per year.

It was really heartening to hear some of the
plain-talking neighbors speak about what they
have to endure from facilities already in this
heavily impacted community.

The chief neighborhood opponent of the operation
is a local environmental justice organization known
as Flint-Genesee United for Action, Justice and
Environmental Safety.  This organization objects to
futher environmental insults in a community already
heavily inpacted by stationary sources, junkyards,
waste sites and soil contamination, when many children
in the area already have signs of excessive lead exposure.

The Flint-Genesee group is one of my clients so I
decided to post on the web availability to the 19 page
policy statement against the facility and the technical
comments I developed for this citizen group, just
in case anyone else has to deal with a metal shredding

This is the same community that brought the environmental
justice litigation concerning the Genesee Power demolition
waste combustor.

You can get a PDF version or downloadable WPD or DOC
versions of the statement at:



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