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E-M:/ Roadless corrections

Enviro-Mich message from <anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org>

 The trouble with Quick and Dirty reviews of documents is that they are 
 often both!  Taking a closer look at the Final Env. Impact Statement for 
 Roadless Areas on our National Forests, I realize I looked at the current 
 info as opposed to the preferred alternative.  Here is what I hope is more 
 accurate information!!
 At this time, the Final EIS has been compiled and a Record of Decision 
 will be issued by the Chief of the Forest Service no sooner than 30 days 
 after the issuance of the FEIS.  That Record of Decision will be the final 
 decision of the Forest Service on this matter, although as I understand it 
 the President can take steps as well, through executive order or perhaps 
 some other vehicle, to modify the decision of the Chief. 
 The information provided in a previous message was based on the EXISTING 
 status of Michigan's roadless areas -- there are actually 4 -- the Norwich 
 Plains area in the Ottawa National Forest, the Fiber Area and Government 
 Island in the Hiawatha National Forest, and Bear Swamp in the Huron 
 Manistee National Forest.  Total acreage is about 16,000.  Each CURRENTLY 
 allows for road construction and reconstruction.
 The Preferred Alternative presented by the Forest Service in its FEIS is 
 one with the following policy elements:
 "Prohibit Road Construction, Reconstruction and Timber Harvest Except for 
 Stewardship Purposes Within Inventoried Roadless Areas, While Excepting 
 Road Reconstruction Needed for Road Safety Improvement and Federal Aid 
 Highway Projects"
 One of the uncertainties that is most concerning is that Stewardship 
 activities are not clearly defined.  There is concern that timber activity 
 may be justified across the country for all sorts of activities that 
 aren't warranted.  
 My apologies for previous misinterpretations of the FEIS!
 Anne Woiwode

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