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Re: E-M:/ Roadless corrections

Enviro-Mich message from "David E. Allen" <dallen@nmu.edu>


(This is a much edited version of the original - now suitable for public 
distribution.  Still, Murray, I don't believe that I am as clueless as you 
state in your first mean-spirited message).

Frankly, I don't wish to engage in a probably futile discussion on 
stewardship logging with you, but a starting point for you might be:

         Franklin, Jerry F., and Kathryn A. Kohm, ed., (1997).  Creating
         a Forestry for the 21st Century: The Science of Ecosystem
         Management.  Covelo, CA: Island Press.

While more general than mere stewardship logging, it does lay the 
framework.  Then you can read the Hi-Country News.  But that is way to 
reactionary for you.  But about a year ago they had quite a bit of space 
devoted to Stewardship Logging.  And the Hungary Horse News occasionally 
reports on the stewardship logging being done on the Flathead under the 
encouragement of logger Bob Love.

And so the story goes.  Any logging can be reasonably decent - or horrid - 
depending on who does the marking and who does the cutting.  Spend an 
afternoon with Gus Erdman in the Dukes - perhaps then you might be able to 
understand that a difference can exist.

Dave Allen

At 10:55 AM 11/17/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Please do not comment without providing facts to back up such an outrageous
>and misinformed statement--especially in a public forum where we already get
>little of the truth from the agencies and government.  Stewardship logging
>is a euphemism for setting forth scientifically unsound projects--whether
>they be logging or other. There is a ton of emperical support showing the FS
>and logging industry and unsustainable logging are in fact the cause of
>nearly all forest health problems.
>You are either in denial or just plain ignoring the millions of acres of
>public forests in this state and country which have been senselessly logged
>under one guise or another.
>as respectful as possible,
>Murray Dailey
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>>Subject: Re: E-M:/ Roadless corrections
>>Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:28:00 -0500
>>Enviro-Mich message from "David E. Allen" <dallen@nmu.edu>
>>I don't think that stewardship logging is something to get up in arms
>>about.  However, it is something that us forest watchers have to
>>watch.  For example, Stevan Christiansen, District Ranger, HNF, constantly
>>refers to "forest health" in justifying some possible logging in the
>>Rudyard Clay Flat LTA project set.  This is most likely simple hogwash - a
>>healthy forest (stand) has some dead and dying trees, has some disease, has
>>some bugs - and most likely should be discredited (there is the
>>possibility, of course, that forest health is a real issue, but that is a
>>statement demanding empirical support).
>>At 09:47 AM 11/17/00 -0800, anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org wrote:
>>>Enviro-Mich message from <anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org>
>>>  The trouble with Quick and Dirty reviews of documents is that they are
>>>  often both!  Taking a closer look at the Final Env. Impact Statement for
>>>  Roadless Areas on our National Forests, I realize I looked at the
>>>  info as opposed to the preferred alternative.  Here is what I hope is
>>>  accurate information!!
>>>  At this time, the Final EIS has been compiled and a Record of Decision
>>>  will be issued by the Chief of the Forest Service no sooner than 30 days
>>>  after the issuance of the FEIS.  That Record of Decision will be the
>>>  decision of the Forest Service on this matter, although as I understand
>>>  the President can take steps as well, through executive order or perhaps
>>>  some other vehicle, to modify the decision of the Chief.
>>>  The information provided in a previous message was based on the EXISTING
>>>  status of Michigan's roadless areas -- there are actually 4 -- the
>>>  Plains area in the Ottawa National Forest, the Fiber Area and Government
>>>  Island in the Hiawatha National Forest, and Bear Swamp in the Huron
>>>  Manistee National Forest.  Total acreage is about 16,000.  Each
>>>  allows for road construction and reconstruction.
>>>  The Preferred Alternative presented by the Forest Service in its FEIS is
>>>  one with the following policy elements:
>>>  "Prohibit Road Construction, Reconstruction and Timber Harvest Except
>>>  Stewardship Purposes Within Inventoried Roadless Areas, While Excepting
>>>  Road Reconstruction Needed for Road Safety Improvement and Federal Aid
>>>  Highway Projects"
>>>  One of the uncertainties that is most concerning is that Stewardship
>>>  activities are not clearly defined.  There is concern that timber
>>>  may be justified across the country for all sorts of activities that
>>>  aren't warranted.
>>>  My apologies for previous misinterpretations of the FEIS!
>>>  Anne Woiwode
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