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E-M:/ Mourning doves

Title: Mourning doves
To follow up Dave Dempsey"s message:

   If you can't make the meeting--call Chairman Larry DeVuyst at 517-373-0834 and your Rep.   Let them know that it is unfair to move this bill (HR 6147) so rapidly at this late date.  As has been demonstrated in the past, many of us consider these gentle, useful birds as more than targets.  But we need time to fight for their lives.
In addition to the 1995 blockage by the House Committee, I recall that in 1985 the Natural Resources Commission voted unanimously to have dove hunting but were blocked by Circuit Judge James Kallman?  Mourning dove killers are a persistent bunch but it is even more serious this time because Proposal G in 1996 takes away citizen power of petition and replaced it with indisputable "sound scientific management of wildlife" by the DNR.  If they succeed in ramming it through th MI house and senate, as they are trying now, there will be no recourse.

In our conflict filled world we should not be killing our symbol of peace.
               chris anderlik