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E-M:/ FW: GP INC5 cyberaction goes live

Enviro-Mich message from "Eric Uram" <eric.uram@sierraclub.org>

Today the Greenpeace cyber action for INC5 went
live on the GP
website. It automatically generates a letter to
the head of state of
your country urging them to negotiate a strong
POPs elimination
treaty. You can also add your own personalised

It can be accessed from the front page of the GP
website at

or directly at:

Ban Persistent Organic Pollutants

In early December, delegates of the world's
governments will be
gathering in Johannesburg, South Africa for the
Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee meeting
for a United
Nations Environment Program treaty on persistent
pollutants (INC5 in short). INC5 is expected to be
the last major
negotiating session before the treaty is signed
next year in
Stockholm, Sweden.

Persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, are a
group of chemicals
which are very resistant to natural breakdown
processes and are
therefore extremely stable and long-lived. Most do
not occur in
nature but are man-made. Once released into the
many POPs persist for years, even decades.
Therefore, even if
production of all POPs ceased today, they would
continue to
pollute the environment for many years to come.

Many POPs are also highly toxic and build up
(bioaccumulate) in
the fatty tissues of animals and humans. These
three properties -
persistent, toxic and bioaccumulative, make them,
arguably, the
most problematic chemicals to which natural
systems can be

Negotiating a strong treaty to ban POPs is
important to ensure a
clean, safe environment for ourselves, our
children, and our
grandchildren. Please enter your address
information below and a
letter to your head of government will be
automatically generated to
which you can add your own personal comments.


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