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E-M:/ Mourning Dove hunting

Attached is the body of a letter I composed for the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory (WPBO) with respect to Mourning Dove hunting.  The letter was supported by the WPBO Board of Directors (of which I was a member until recently) as an official position at their October meeting.  I am not posting this on behalf of WPBO, but as my own opinion on the matter.  I would like to also add that I am not in favor of granting hunters any further priviliges until they can demonstrate that they are able to purge their ranks of slobs, which I consider to be a small majority or large minority of their population.
The incidental - or intentional - take of Kestrels during dove seasons was, I believe, documented in a study done some 15-20 years ago.  I have not been able to locate it and would appreciate any help in finding research on the subject.