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I live in Deerfield Township in SE Michigan and Consumers Energy intends =
to construct an enormous substation on 80 acres of prime farmland in our =
rural area. This substation will be constructed such that it can =
accomodate a power plant at a later date; in other words, it will be a =
magnet for a power plant in the future. We have also been the target =
for our Chamber of Commerce's attempt to develop this farmland area, =
because we have the gas lines, railroad and existing 345kV lines, which =
if Consumers has their way, will have a substation as well to accomodate =
industrial facilities. =20

I have been working on garnering up support from residents in order to =
put a stop to Consumers plans for placing this massive substation on =
prime farmland. I need to know if you or anyone else has any =
information on why a substation is harmful to the public. Can you =
direct me to someone that may know this, as well? I have no doubts that =
the construction of this l,380,000 volt substation will lead to a future =
power plant. But, I need to obtain info on why the 'substation' itself =
poses a threat to this small community. =20

I appreciate any help you may have, as we continue our efforts to oppose =
Consumers' plans.
Renee Gordon

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