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Re: E-M:/ Question on CO2 emmissions

Enviro-Mich message from joonmck <joonmck@gateway.net>


According to the EnviroLink Network, "Burning One Gallon of Gasoline
Generates 22 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide When gasoline is burned, the
carbon in it combines with oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide.
Because the oxygen adds weight, the newly formed carbon dioxide weighs
more than the original unburned fuel."

Check out their site for yourself at:



Brian McKenna


I've got a question for anyone out there. Where can I find the most
solid critique of GM's environmental record over the years?

> Robert Duda wrote:
> How much CO2 is emitted from a typical automobile per gallon of gas
> consumed?
> Thanks,
> Bob Duda

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