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E-M:/ Who's in charge?

Proposed Drain Code Changes Who is in Charge:

Current Federal Regulations
Protect Streams and Wetlands

(Sign: "Stream Buffer Zone: No Grubbing, No Grading")

(Sign: "Wetland Boundary")

Current Drain Code Maintenance on the Same Stream.
Environmental Safeguards are missing.  DEQ is not involved.

A Recent World Resources Institute study found that freshwater species are going extinct 20 times faster than other species due to environmental degradation.

Proposed Drain code HB 4803 further limits DEQ involvement.  Current law requires DEQ review and approval of pollution plans.  HB 4803 strikes that approval.  Additionally, neither individual citizens nor environmental groups are able to appeal the scope of a drain project.  Drain commissioners are left in full control.

Why give more authority to the people who have allowed sewage and sedimentation to flow into the Great Lakes?

To protest this bill, call or fax your Senator now.  The bill is up for a vote on Nov. 28.

Senate contact information can be found at the Michigan Senate website.

Thanks for taking time to voice your opinion about Michigan Drain law.
-Sue Julian and Willliam Bishop, Michigan Drain Code Coalition (248)634-3513

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