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E-M:/ Drain code, who's in charge?

Enviro-Mich message from BrianI99@aol.com

Clearly, the public is NOT in charge. The Drain Code and the proposed changes 
put the power to decide critical environmental issues concerning how Michigan 
manages it's surface water into the hands of drain commissioners and 
ultimately, developers.

And to add insult to injury, it's taxpayers who are paying for 
environmentally harmful projects. As we fight to protect open space and 
wetlands that are rapidly being lost to uncontrolled growth, HB 4803 will be 
a vehicle for developers to sprawl out even farther with our tax dollars.  

The problem not only is found in current law, but is clearly stated in 
Section 55 of the revisions being considered this week. It reads: "The scope 
of the project is within the sole authority of the drain commissioners." HB 
4803 lacks a proper way for citizens, those that will pay for these projects, 
to challenge this process on the size, cost and impact of these projects.

Please call your state Senator today and tell them to stop HB 4803.
Brian Imus

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