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E-M:/ sore loserman

Enviro-Mich message from Dave Dempsey <davemec@voyager.net>

It was interesting to read over the weekend in an online magazine that 
Governor Engler was stationed in Florida, supported by signs heckling Gore 
and Lieberman as "Sore Loserman," and acting as a spin doctor to say the 
election was over and that George W. Bush was President.  He supposedly 
said Al Gore couldn't handle defeat.

Is this the same John Engler who two weeks ago was wailing about too many 
labor union members and African-Americans voting in this year's Michigan 
general election, giving the state to Gore and Debbie Stabenow?

Is this the same John Engler who two years ago whined when EPA defeated him 
in his efforts to withhold information about the health effects of PCBs in 
sportfish on women of child-bearing age and their offspring?

Is this the same John Engler who wailed when the U.S. Department of Housing 
and Urban Development forced him to back down and pass legislation 
licensing lead abatement contractors, and also forced him to accept a 
multi-million dollar federal grant to protect child from lead in paint?

Is this the same John Engler who shrieked when EPA successfully battled him 
to force changes in Michigan's 1997 "polluter secrecy law," which had the 
potential to protect environmental outlaws?

There are sore losers, and then there are sore Governors.

Dave Dempsey
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