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E-M:/ UM/MSU Environmental Challenge

Enviro-Mich message from Jeff Gearhart <jeffg@ecocenter.org>

Terry and others,

Its great to see MSU launch its sustainability program.  However, lets look
a small slice of the pie and see how the two big universities actually
stack up.  It would be great to hear other examples of what the different
U's are actually doing on sustainability.

Transit & Vehicle Fleets (just one example)

UM  -- 	Has converted all diesel vehicles, buses and equipment to biodiesel
	Is now the #1 user of ethanol(has a dedicated fueling station &
dedicated vehicles) in the state
	Has a small fleet of EV's which are very popular amoung staff
	Is actively exploring other advanced vehicle technologies & fuels

MSU  --	Well as far as anyone knows the great agricultural university
hasn't implemented (meaning actually used on a regular basis) any ethanol
or bio-fuel, both of which are potentially very important to the
agricultural economy in the state.  It would seem that MSU should be a
leader on these technologies.

Obviously there are many other aspects to sustainability in the university,
however there are some very glaring deficiencies at MSU that should be
addressed up front.  And a little competition (and sharing of ideas) will
no doubt help move the process along.

Jeff Gearhart
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