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E-M:/ Dove Bill passes MI House

Enviro-Mich message from Chris Anderlik <anderlik@traverse.net>

The battle to save the MI mourning dove is on.  Today was a disaster but
there's still hope with the Senate.  HR 6147 which would change the dove
from a song bird to a game bird, allowing it to be hunted, was passed by the
House Committee 10-4.  THEN the bill was railroaded over to the whole House
and PASSED.  There were 56 votes FOR the bill--I don't know how many No
votes (FOR the doves) but it had to be close.

So the battle moves to the Senate as SB 1430. Not sure yet if it will be the
Hunting, Fishing and Forestry Committee.

If you want to save our symbol of peace, as soon as possible, and no later
than Friday, call your State Senator.  Tell him/her to vote AGAINST SB 1430
The Mourning Dove Bill.  I don't think I need to tell you what to say--just
speak from the heart.

The Detroit News had a GREAT editorial this morning (Tues.) FOR the doves.
           Chris Anderlik
           Traverse City, MI

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