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E-M:/ Drain Code Alert!

Enviro-Mich message from BrianI99@aol.com


Sprawl is threatening our quality of life in Michigan at an alarming rate. 
growth is destroying precious wetlands and open space, places that are 
important to keep Michigan’s water clean and make Michigan a great place to 

The Michigan Drain Code is making the problem of sprawl even worse. The 
century old Drain Code was created to speed settlement in Michigan by 
creating and giving county drain commissioners broad power to tax and spend 
in order to drain wetlands and straighten rivers and streams. That power 
includes drain projects that are exempt from most environmental laws designed 
to protect wetlands and water quality, as well as little opportunity for 
citizen input in deciding drain projects. The result is a law that makes 
sprawl worse and taxpayers have to pay for it!

Now, rather than fixing the old and outdated law, our senators in Lansing are 
 considered revisions (HB 4803) to the law that will make it worse. Sprawl 
should pay its own way. HB 4803 doesn’t do enough to protect taxpayers or 
Michigan’s wetlands and creeks from using tax dollars to drain wetlands.

Please take a moment to tell your senator to stop HB 4803 in Lansing. The 
proposed bill could be voted on this week and threatens to make it easier for 
developers to sprawl out even further, destroying wetlands with tax dollars. 
The result of this new legislation is expensive drain projects that damage 
streams, water quality and destroys wetlands.

Also tell your Senator to please consider good drain code legislation next 
year that will:

* Stop tax giveaways to developers 
* Protect wetlands, creeks and streams from environmentally harmful drain 
* Give citizens the power to petition and challenge the size and scope of a 
drain project - rather than all the power in the hands of the drain 

Again, please stop HB 4803 this year!

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