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E-M:/ The Doves

Enviro-Mich message from "Snow Bird" <birdpriestess@hotmail.com>

Whenever I think of the Mourning Dove, I invariably think of the Passenger 
Pigeon.  The only one that I have ever seen was stuffed and sitting in a 
Muskegon museum.  I struggle with this issue, because I am not anti-hunting, 
but killing for the mere sake of sport is, shameful, sick, immature, drunken 
Bubba behavior.  I saw way too many Bubbas when I used to hunt and I know 
that the prevailing attitude of people who want to blast away at these 
harmless, lovely birds, with about one ounce of meat on their bones, is the 
same as it was the last time that this issue came up:  "Kill them all, let 
God sort them out!"  Well, to hell with that attitude.  Hunt for a reason, 

The Bird Priestess

"Men still live who, in their youth remember pigeons;
trees still live that, in their youth, were shaken by a living wind. But a 
few decades hence only the oldest oaks will remember, and at long last only 
the hills will know.

We grieve because no living man will ever see again the onrush of victorius 
birds, sweeping a path for spring across the March skies, chasing the 
defeated winter from all of the woods and prairies.

There will always be pigeons in books and in museums but they are dead to 
all hardships and to all delights. They cannot dive out of a cloud, nor clap 
their wings in thunderous applause. They know no urge of seasons; they feel 
no kiss of sun, no lash of wind and weather, they live forever by not living 
at all."

>From a Monument to the Pigeon
Aldo Leopold, 1947

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