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E-M:/ Doves and Hunters

Enviro-Mich message from Bill Schillaci <aes@psn.net>

    I reject Mr. Hitz's contention that his survival depends on
hunting.  The only situation where that statement would be true would be
where there is no other food available except that which could be hunted
and killed.  I have been a vegetarian for twenty years, and I have a
rich, delicious, and varied diet, especially in recent years when so
much has become available.  Richard Hitz's letter seems sincere, but
when he says there is no joy in killing and that he feels sadness and
remorse, he is not talking like any other hunter I have known, heard
about, or read about.  I am confounded that any one would choose to live
with a constant influx of sadness and remorse when the way out of that
cycle is so clear and available.  Also, Mr. Hitz, please cease comparing
the slaughter of innocent and harmless birds with "taking the lives of
plants."  Its an empty and invalid comparison that I grew weary of
hearing decades ago.

Bill Schillaci

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