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E-M:/ Dove hunting

If dove hunting is permitted in Michigan, and it proves popular, it will provide another excuse for the DNR to clearcut.  Having lived in a southern state which permitted Mourning Dove hunting, I have witnessed the congregation of pick-up trucks with "dove seats" in the bed, hunters in lounge chairs, and old car seats left on public land which had been converted to dove fields. 
Despite the high-minded arguments posted regarding the elemental/genetic origins of the need to feed oneself through hunting, dove hunting is nothing more than a gruesome form of recreation for the vast majority of dove hunters.
As for the careful philosophical defenses of hunting, I've heard them from intelligent people who I like and respect.  But if you get a group of these outdoor philosophers together, and they discuss hunting, the conversation soon degenerates into something close to "big buck night".  The genetic need to hunt, all the careful arguments, they are in almost all cases (with a very few exceptions) empty sophistry.
Supporters of dove hunting have dismissed the incidental take of American Kestrel as unlikely, but I have heard those who hunt doves admit that they have seen Kestrels accidentally shot in dove fields.  The hunting community, with a few notable exceptions, does not exhibit a broad knowledge of the outdoors and I maintain that they have not earned the privilege of being granted another target.  (A study of some 20 years ago found that of several groups involved with the outdoors or animals, sport hunters and animal rights activists scored the lowest on a test of general knowledge regarding the environment.  Birders creamed everyone, with working cowboys coming in second).
For the sake of small birds of prey and our public lands, oppose dove hunting.