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E-M:/ Dobe Bill in Senate Tues.

Enviro-Mich message from Chris Anderlik <anderlik@traverse.net>

 The Senate Committee on 11-30 voted 3 to 2 to send the Mourning Dove Bill
(HR 6147) to the Senate where it will be acted on Tuesday, Dec. 5 or soon
after.     Anyone who hasn't called his/her state Senator already NEEDS TO
CALL NO LATER THAN MONDAY.   chris anderlik

   From Virginia Heick of the Green Party:
I must add, doves are  the symbol of peace and they are truly beautiful.
Their mournful cooing is
a  haunting, gentle sound that stirs the soul.  Their color is an exquisite
soft white, grey & tan blend,
like smoke.
   They have big beautiful round eyes and they will sit in your tree for
hours. Their presence is a joy.  They eat at our feeders.  They are
essentially tame.  You seldom see a lone dove, they are almost always seen
in pairs or groups.  I believe they mate for life.
   To encourage young people to kill such a delightful, gentle, harmless
little bird for nothing more than the "fun" of killing, is to encourage
young people to suppress the highest qualities that evolution has graced us
with; our sensitivities of empathy and compassion.  These are precisley the
sensitivities and qualities which our species desperately needs to nurture
in our young--not destroy.

To become so hard and cold  that a  "living being" is reduced to nothing
more than a " target", is as narrow and short sighted as looking down the
barrel of a gun.
   And THIS is what they want to teach our youth?

REMEMBER THE VOTE ON HR 6147 IS NO.  We do not want the dove to be declared
a game bird.

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