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Re: E-M:/ New Market Development

Enviro-Mich message from "Nancy Shiffler" <shifflern@hotmail.com>


The concerns about the Newmarket development have more to do with its size 
and location than with its general concept.  The infrastructure (sewers, 
roads, etc.) that the devleopment would be tapping into cannot manage the 
increased load without considerable upgrading.  This would be at taxpayer 
expense above and beyond any new tax money the development would bring in.  
There are additional concerns about the development's impact on drainage in 
the area, particularly as it affects wetlands in the area.

Nancy Shiffler

>From: "Jonathan Nawrocki" <blueroo1@wildmail.com>
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>Subject: E-M:/ New Market Development
>Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 07:50:59 -0500
>Enviro-Mich message from "Jonathan Nawrocki" <blueroo1@wildmail.com>
>Hi everyone,
>I am inquiring about the development in Pittsfield Township, so named New 
>Market. The questions I have reagrding it relate to the
>citizen refuttal of the development. As a future student (Summer 2001) of 
>Urban Planning with a strong emphasis on Urban
>Architecture, Urban Design and a high emphasis on Urban Real Estate 
>development, I am curious why there is so much backlash
>against a model development.
>As a citizen that was once a rural community, which is now neither rural 
>nor community, I can understand the NIMBY attitude towards
>development because there are develpers that do not think about the 
>important things in life, namely environment, community
>development and non-auto use within the community. This development is 
>designed by the foremost designers in the country. I say
>this because they are the forerunners in the New Urbanism. As some of you 
>may know New Urbanism is a term associated with town
>development, not subdivison and sprawl. The two architects and principles, 
>Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk wrote
>Suburban Nation, which acknowledges and proposes solutions to our ashphalt 
>sprawl problems. The site for the deveolpment plan
>with illustrations is at http://www.dpz.com for those interested. The 
>problem designers and planners are facing is the onslaught of
>development fueled be the urbanazation of the residual area. This 
>urbanization can either be thought of in two ways, the sprawling
>car-dependent, big box store ashphalt jungle or developing a town, like the 
>way they were before WWII. Maybe have some
>greenspace, mixed use downtown area, in most places downtowns are illegal 
>to build, and aprtments mixed, with single or
>multi-family housing.
>To design and think of alternatives to a subdivision of houses on 1 acre 
>plots, the overwelmingly popular, and "new" way of thinking is
>in smart growth solutions. These solutions keep sprawl at bay, while 
>providing the necessary solutions for the population, I would
>imagine that the citizens of Pittsfield township would be in support of 
>such a solution, though the opposite is shown to be true.
>My question is, is this a a case of NIMBY's, misinformed people or just an 
>overall hesistation toward development becasue of the
>ugliness and lack of thought that has been placed in the last 55 years..?
>Care2 make the world greener !
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