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E-M:/ CAFOs and anti-biotics

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@prodigy.net>

Enviro-Mich - This is an alert that may be of interest here as Michigan 
seems determined to be the top of the factory farm heap in this country:  AW

Imagine getting a really nasty case of food poisoning. You drag yourself to
the doctor, who prescribes an antibiotic known as a fluoroquinolone that
works against many of the bacteria that cause this kind of illness.
However, what if the drug doesn't work because the bacteria have become
immune to it?

These drugs are starting to lose their effectiveness against certain types
of bacteria, largely because a closely related drug known as Baytril is
used on immense "factory farms" that raise chickens and turkeys. While
these poultry farms produce food for your table, they are also a breeding
ground for bacteria that are immune to medicine that you may need some day.
To ensure that doctors don't come up empty-handed when they need to treat
foodborne illnesses, the Food and Drug Administration has just proposed to
ban Baytril, which is produced by Bayer, the maker of Bayer aspirin,
One-a-Day vitamins, and a host of other consumer products and medicines.

Bayer has until the end of November to decide whether to voluntarily comply
with the proposed ban. If Bayer refuses, months or even years will pass
before the matter is resolved. Meanwhile, Baytril will stay on the market
and human-use fluoroquinolones will become less and less effective.
Let the CEO of Bayer know you don't want his company to play chicken with
your health. Please send a letter asking Bayer to end the use of Baytril in

Helge H. Wehmeier, President and CEO
The Bayer Corporation
100 Bayer Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9741

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