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E-M:/ Georgia-Pacific to Shut Down (Michigan) Paper Mill, Fire 285 Employees

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@prodigy.net>

Kalamazoo is about to lose a G-P paper mill, according to Bloomberg, "to 
lower costs amid a glut of paper".  Funny how the Michigan timber corps 
insist we aren't cutting enough wood, yet evidently there is too much paper 
being produced.  AW

>Georgia-Pacific to Shut Down Paper Mill, Fire 285 Employees
>(Bloomberg)  -- Georgia-Pacific Group, the second-largest North American 
>lumber and paper company, said it will shut two paper-making machines and 
>fire 285 workers in Michigan, to lower costs amid a glut of paper.
>The machines in Kalamazoo, which can make about 130,000 tons of paper a 
>year for catalogs and textbooks, will be closed Dec. 22, the company said 
>in a statement. A mill there that makes pulp, the main ingredient in 
>paper, also will be shuttered.

>Shares of Georgia-Pacific rose 25 cents to $26.56. They've dropped 48 
>percent this year.
>Dec/12/2000 16:36 ET
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