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Public Involvement in Environmental Permits: A Reference Guide

What is the Purpose of the Reference Guide?

Better public involvement across all program areas continues to be an
EPA priority. OSWER lead the production of this Reference Guide as
follow-up work to recommendations from the Permits Improvement
Team and the Second Generation of Environmental Permitting Plan. The
purpose of the Reference Guide is to provide a resource for state
program staff to use in enhancing their own public participation
efforts. In addition, the Reference Guide can be used by the public as a

resource for learning about permits and their opportunities to engage
in the process.

Who Participated in the Development of the Reference

Drafting the Reference Guide was an agency-wide initiative with
input from OW, OAQPS, OSW, OECA and OPEI. The agency also consulted
with key partners on early drafts, including NEJAC and ECOS. At two
stakeholder meetings, one in the District of Columbia and one in
Houston, Texas, comments were received from a variety of groups
including: Environmental Groups; Industry; Citizen's Groups; State
Associations; National Associations; State Regulators; and Regional

What is in the Reference Guide?

The Reference Guide summarizes the major permitting programs
under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and
the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. It also gives an overview
of the core requirements for public involvement activities in these
permitting programs. The Reference Guide then provides best practices
and a
model plan for implementing effective public
participation activities under these programs, and provides a compendium
additional resources and contacts for use in implementation.

Where can I get a Copy of the Reference Guide?

The full Reference Guide will be available by August 31, 2000 at

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