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Re: E-M:/ Harding To Head EPA?--A horror story

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 01:23 PM 12/16/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com
>A possible nightmare unfolds as Dubya gives serious consideration of Russ
>Harding as head of the EPA.

On the issue of the Russ Harding/Dubya connection:

First, no amount of handringing here will substitute
for a coordinated, well organized campaign committee
effort organized in Michigan to keep Russ Harding
from personally polluting the Environmental Protection
Agency and its mission.

I'll remind everyone here that this is a public forum
which is fairly intensively tracked by many industrial
lobbyists, corporate environmental depts. and no
fewer than at least 10 corporate environmental lawyers from the
Honigman, Warner Norcross and other major law firms.

As a result, please do not post strategic or planning
information concerning the anti-harding appointment
campaign to this list.

Second, the anti-harding campaign committee should make
it plain to all that any attempt to give Harding a high
appointment in the EPA will quickly become politically
bloodly and contentious...and that an effort to appoint
Harding signals that the Bush Administration is tantamount
to throwing down the gauntlet in confrontation with
the entire national environmental and conservation movement.

A substantial early effort to communicate the above will pay off
at a greater rate before any appointment is made as
opposed to after an appointment is made.  The Bush
people must be made to understand that Harding will
be a national lightning rod on the environment and
his appointment will be seen by large numbers of
people as "delegitimizing" any credibility that Bush
may have on environmental issues.  The fight
over Harding will provide a national distraction from
other early term efforts in the Bush Administration.

Third, we must make it clear that Harding should not receive
any appointment to all high EPA posts where he can do major
damages....including EPA Administrator, Region V Regional
Administrator, Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation,
etc.   We must clearly communicate to all, including our
affiliated and working partnered national organizations, that
Harding would be far worse than even Ann Gorsuch as EPA
Administrator in the Reagan Administration.

Fourth, it will be necessary to convince Senators Levin and Stabenow
to lead the Senate effort against appointment of Harding.  We
must tell Levin and Stabenow that the Harding appointment is so
important that they should round up at least 41 votes against
him....if the Dems are serious about environmental protection
and don't want another Nader spoiler next time, they are going
to have to back up words with big time deeds.   If the Republicans
have been willing to hold up numerous judicial appointments during
the Clinton era, the Dems in the Senate must be willing to return
the same tactic in kind on any of Dubya's obnoxious environmental
agency appointments.

Let's get this message out....Russ Harding will be the "Judge Bork
on the environment" if Bush should chose to appoint him.

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