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Re: E-M:/ Harding To Head EPA?--A horror story

Enviro-Mich message from "Julie Griess" <jgriess@provide.net>

> On the issue of the Russ Harding/Dubya connection:
> First, no amount of handringing here will substitute
> for a coordinated, well organized campaign committee
> effort organized in Michigan to keep Russ Harding
> from personally polluting the Environmental Protection
> Agency and its mission.

If Harding is recommended for any national position, his most recent
scandalous act should be publicized to the country - overriding the
recommendation of the Site Review Board by proposing to issue a construction
permit for the toxic deep injection wells in Romulus. This after Engler
changed the power of the SRB to be only advisory, where previously it was
the final word on such a decision. The DEQ has the nerve to say about this
balanced panel of experts and community representatives: "The DEQ evaluated
the recommendations and determined that the SRB did not provide a defensible
basis for denial."

And what is the source of this waste? Michigan companies stated that they
did not need this capacity. It most likely will largely originate in Canada,
and we can't keep it out once we provide the capacity, because of NAFTA.

Is this the sort of person who should be in charge of any policy for the
entire nation? This issue should be a central focus of any campaign against
Harding for national office.

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