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E-M:/ Study: GL fish consumption may harm conception

Title: Study: GL fish consumption may harm conception
The following appeared as a news brief in the latest issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

Eating Great Lakes Fish May Affect Conception

Researchers at the University of Buffalo say that a woman's chances of becoming pregnant may be lowered by 25% if she regularly eats fish caught in Lake Ontario, the most polluted of the Great Lakes, which is known to be contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls and other endocrine disruptors. The study is thought to be the first epidemiologic assessment linking consumption of contaminated fish to decreased human fecundity.

Although the study results, published in the July 2000 issue of Epidemiology, are preliminary, study director Germaine Buck says they reinforce the importance of teaching women of childbearing age about the risks of eating contaminated fish. ...

Environmental Health Perspectives,  VOLUME 108, NUMBER 12, December 2000, page  A 553