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Re: Re: E-M:/ RE: / Harding To Head EPA?--A horror story

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I hope you are right Alma, but the right wing is really applying the 
thumbscrews.   Look at the coverage Falwell and those nuts are getting.   

I would never bet on the best case scenario, and as Alex Sagady said, there 
are other EPA positions which Harding could likely be put into by dubya.  
There should be no relenting on making Harding's miserable record and agenda 
be known.  If anything, this is an opportunity to show Harding for what he 
really is.   There are too many unknowns in this climate to take a timid 
approach or rest on speculation.

Murray Dailey

Voicing opposition now to Harding as EPA Administrator is probably a good idea
(and finding a potential candidate to support is even better).   For what it's
worth, however, the scoop from a Washington reporter on the EPA beat with 
whom I
recently spoke is that the inside track goes to the Pennsylvania DEP director 
that Harding is not a serious candidate.  The popular wisdom in D.C. is that 
is going to at least try to appear moderate on environmental issues (i.e., no
James Watt or Anne Gorsuch) and won't appoint an extremist as Administrator.

Alma Lowry

Lynn Livingston wrote:

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> Americans will "wake up" in a year or two and wonder "what hit me."
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> > Let us unite against this monstrous potential appointment. No urban child
> > with asthma, no vulnerable wetland, no old-growth forest, no source of
> > drinking water will be safe if Harding is appointed.
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> > They stole the election, now they want to steal our environment.
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