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E-M:/ Project FISH Workshops

I thought you may be interested in an upcoming Lansing area watershed-focused workshop called Project F.I.S.H.

This workshop will create Friends Involved in Sportfishing Heritage, hence the acronym, as mentors and role models for kids. It is a 12 hour workshop over 4 evenings with each evening focusing on a different theme for example, Aquatic Ecology, Tackle crafting, People and Fish Management, and Angling Skills. These workshops prove to be very educational and a blast for all involved, from those who work with kids daily, to avid anglers with very little experience with kids. By creating these community partnerships, Project F.I.S.H. is catching on and becoming a very popular way to teach STEWARDSHIP of our vital water resources.

Please feel free to check out our website at www.projectfish.org and forward this to any and all who you may think interested.

It's for the Kids!
Mark Stephens
Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
Michigan State University

Geoffrey Habron                 Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife    Department of Sociology 
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