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E-M:/ w32.prolin.worm virus in Marshall messages

Hello everybody on the list --

Beware, two messages messages from Bob Marshall

1) Re: E-M:/ Supreme Court Ruling Explained  and
2) Re: E-M:/ RE: / Harding To Head EPA?--A horror story

contain an attachment with a virus that I think Norton 2000 called w32.prolin.worm virus. The attachment is:


I think it is an electronic calling card, so little reason for most recipients to open it, but I would use Windows Find function and delete it from your system anyway.

I have been getting three or four viruses a week recently, much more than usual. Anyone who does not have a virus checker that updates automatically (in the middle of the night or whenever you are on line) might want to think about getting one. They are less than 40 dollars.

Reg Gilbert