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E-M:/ Fwd: 27 March 2001 "State of the Strait: Status/Trends of the Detroit River Ecosystem"

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From: Mark Breederland <breederm@msue.msu.edu>
Subject: 27 March 2001 "State of the Strait: Status/Trends of the
  Detroit River Ecosystem"


Colleagues -

Just wanted to point out the March 27, 2001 Detroit River conference which Michigan Sea Grant is co-sponsoring - this information was also released via GLIN-Announce last week.  I'm coordinating/moderating a session on "Waterfront Redevelopment and New Urbanism and Neighborhoods" during the conference.  There is no registration fee but advance registration is required (available electronically on web page).

We also have info on this conference on the Detroit American Heritage Rivers Homepage:


Mark Breederland.


New Knowledge, Expert Speakers at Milestone Conference

Plan to join us on Tuesday, 27 March 2001 to learn what leading researchers
have to say about the state of the Detroit River watershed.

The Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) at the
University of will host State of the Strait: The Detroit River on the 300th
Anniversary of French Settlement of the Detroit-Windsor Region.

The conference will bring together natural and social scientists, resource
managers and interested citizens working on the rehabilitation and
protection of the Detroit River ecosystem to share research, monitoring and
management data on the state of the Detroit River.

Current co-sponsors of the conference are Environment Canada, the
University of Windsor, the University of Michigan-Dearborn,  Michigan Sea
Grant, Detroit Edison - A DTE Energy company, and the Windsor Port

Invited speakers will address:

Historic development and uses of the Detroit River
Changes in the river's fishery, biota and benthos over time
Current habitat and biodiversity
Stressors of the river's environmental health
Assessment of environmental stressors relating to waterfront development
  and new urbanism and neighborhoods
Progress in developing a monitoring strategy under the Four Party Agreement
  (Environment Canada, US Environmental Protection Agency, Michigan
  Department of Environmental Quality and the Ontario Ministry of
  and Energy)

Call for Posters/Displays
We invite you to tell your success stories. If you have a cleanup, research
or remediation project of potential interest to others working on the
Detroit River, please contact Jennifer Read at  GLIER, University of
Windsor. If you are a collaborator please indicate if your organization or
agency requires display space. Contact: Jennifer Read (jread@uwindsor.ca) no
later than 31 January 2001.

Although registration is free, pre-registration by 5 March is required
online at http://www.uwindsor.ca/glier or by e-mail (send your name,
affiliation, telephone number and e-mail address to jread@uwindsor.ca or
pmurray@uwindsor.ca by telephone at 519 - 253-3000 ext. 3757 or 2045 (Canada) or 313 - 963-6112 ext. 3757 or 2045 (US).

Web Address
Conference details appear on the GLIER homepage at

Jennifer Read
(jread@uwindsor.ca or phone 519.253.3000 ext. 3757 or 313.963.6112 ext. 3757)
Pat Murray
(pmurray@uwindsor.ca or phone 519.253-3000 ext. 2045 or 313.963.6112 ext. 2045)

This event will be held in conjunction with the Lake Erie at the Millennium
conference (Contact Jan Ciborowski, cibor@uwindsor.ca).
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