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E-M:/ Harding for US EPA Administrator?

Enviro-Mich message from Chad Bailey <crbailey@umich.edu>

Sorry if I'm behind the times, but I just (re)subscribed to this list.

CNN.com is reporting that Russ Harding of MDEQ is a leading candidate for
appointment to the position of EPA Administrator.  Public Employees for
Environmental Responsibility's 1998 poll of MDEQ employees indicated that
63% of MDEQ employees agreed with the following statement:  "Director
Hardings cross divisional movement weakens the agency by placing
individuals into supervisory level positions for which they have no
practical experience or expertise."  54% of DEQ employees agreed with the
following statement:  "I have experienced or know of a situation(s) in
which DEQ management has re-assigned or changed the job responsibility of
a staffer for doing their job 'too well' on a controversial project."  85%
of DEQ employees who returned their surveys disagreed with the following
statement:  Russell Harding has done a good job as DEQ Director in
protecting the states natural resources.

Now, this poll doesn't look like a scientific poll to me.  Only 41% of
surveys were returned, indicating a potentially large effect of survey
respondent's self-selection bias.  Nevertheless, one has to wonder.

When the US EPA Office of Civil Rights proposed its (initial) interim
guidance on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act implementation, Harding
published an editorial in the Detroit newspapers (the News, I believe)
which was later discovered to have been written by the Chemical
Manufacturers' Association.  His spokesperson eventually acknowledged this

I don't want to encourage any one course of action, but for those who feel
that Harding's Michigan record is shameful need to let the Bush-Cheney
transistion team know.  Those who feel otherwise should do likewise.

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