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 WHITMAN TO HEAD EPA                                             
 BY RON MARSICO AND JOE DONOHUE                                  
 STAR-LEDGER STAFF                                               
 Gov. Christie Whitman has accepted President-elect George W.    
 Bush's offer to head the Environmental Protection Agency and    
 will cut short her second term in the Trenton Statehouse,       
 sources in both the Whitman and the Bush camps said last night. 
 If she is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, the state's 50th        
 governor and its first female chief executive will leave        
 Trenton a year before her term ends. Her departure would create 
 a rare opportunity for Senate President Donald DiFrancesco, who 
 would assume the position of acting governor just as he is      
 gearing up his campaign for next year's gubernatorial election. 
 Bush was expected to officially name Whitman to the post by     
 week's end, sources said.                                       
 "Done deal," said one knowledgeable New Jersey Republican.      
 Whitman, 54, met with the president-elect's transition team in  
 Washington on Monday to discuss the EPA appointment, according  
 to sources.                                                     
 "I'm not commenting on anything I did or didn't do yesterday    
 (Monday)," Whitman said yesterday during interviews at the      
 Whitman had sought the U.S. ambassadorship to the United        
 Nations as her first job choice in the incoming Bush            
 administration, but sources said the president-elect and his    
 transition team preferred that she take the EPA spot.           
 One of the nation's leading moderate Republicans and the        
 party's staunchest abortion-rights proponent, Whitman could     
 have been vulnerable to attacks by social conservatives if she  
 had been nominated for the U.N. job, which involves             
 controversial world population issues.                          
 In conversations with campaign officials, evangelist Rev. Jerry 
 Falwell had warned Bush that Whitman's support of abortion      
 rights should disqualify her from judgeships or from Cabinet    
 posts with heavy responsibility for social policy, including    
 the Justice, Health or Education departments.                   
 "Governor Whitman will have zero voice on social policy at      
 EPA," Falwell said. "I don't mean that in a negative way. She's 
 a great administrator. She's done great things for New Jersey." 
 A Republican strategist added that naming Whitman to the EPA is 
 a logical political move by Bush.                               
 "She can be pro-choice and pro-affirmative action, and it's not 
 going to affect her job one bit," said Lyn Nofziger, an aide to 
 former President Ronald Reagan who helped Whitman on her 1997   
 re-election campaign.                                           
 For years, Whitman has come under fire from environmentalists   
 who contend she often has put the interests of business ahead   
 of those involving the environment.                             
 While refusing to comment on her future yesterday, Whitman      
 offered a vigorous defense of her environmental record.         
 "Some of the local, the state, environmental people won't be    
 satisfied until you know we're 100 percent pure, and we're      
 human beings living here, so we're never going to achieve       
 that," said Whitman, defending her record, which includes a     
 program to save 1 million acres of open space and stopping the  
 dumping of tainted dredge spoils off Sandy Hook.                

 "I appreciate the idea that you have to have strong advocates   
 out there pushing constantly," Whitman said. "But I think we    
 also have to recognize there is a balance here."                
 The appointment would likely bring to an end Whitman's long run 
 as the dominant force in New Jersey politics. Her political     
 fortunes have been a source of endless speculation almost from  
 the day she first set foot in the Statehouse nearly seven years 
 Whitman's Republican pedigree is well-documented. Her father    
 served as state Republican chairman and her mother was a        
 national GOP committeewoman. Whitman's elevation to the EPA     
 post would return her to Washington, where she worked for the   
 U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and the Republican National 
 Committee after graduating from college in 1968.                
 The EPA is responsible for overseeing the nation's air, land    
 and water resources. It is not a Cabinet-level job, but it is   
 one of the nation's top agency posts.                           
 Whitman would succeed Carol Browner, who was appointed in 1993  
 by President Clinton and is the longest-serving administrator   
 in EPA history.                                                 
 The EPA is divided into 10 regions, with more than 18,000       
 full-time employees and an annual budget of more than $7.2      
 "That's not a bad appointment," said David Norcross, one of New 
 Jersey's two representatives to the Republican National         
 "I guess the tree-huggers would probably say she is not their   
 favorite," said Norcross, noting that Whitman has at times      
 upset the business community, as well. "Anybody who's doing     
 that job has got to irritate both sides from time to time."     
 Some of Whitman's supporters have feared that her appointment   
 might hit a potential snag because New Jersey Democrats might   
 want to keep her in the Statehouse and deprive DiFrancesco of   
 the political boost he would get as acting governor.            
 U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.) said the Whitman           
 appointment is "inevitable" and, no matter where opposition     
 comes from, he is determined to ensure Whitman is confirmed.    
 "I've made clear my willingness to advance her candidacy in the 
 Senate," said Torricelli. He also said he would work to keep    
 social conservatives from blocking her.                         
 "I'm prepared that if people from the extreme right of the      
 Republican Party from other regions of the country are prepared 
 to defeat Christie Whitman, I will find more than enough        
 Democrats to compensate," Torricelli said. "I am not going to   
 serve as the senior senator from New Jersey and have the        
 governor of my state defeated in the Senate."                   
 Steve Some, a lobbyist and Republican consultant, said he did   
 not fear GOP U.S. senators would take on Whitman.               
 "The Senate majority leader (Trent Lott) has already stated     
 that she has a lot to offer this administration," Some said.    
 "If it is EPA, she's going to have a lot to contribute to New   
 Jersey and the Northeast."                                      
 Star-Ledger staff writer Josh Margolin and Star-Ledger wire     
 services contributed to this report.                            

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So she's supposedly going to be named Administrator of USEPA.  Anybody know
anything about her?  What's the environmental record in New Jersey during
her gubernatorial term?

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