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E-M:/ Fwd: Sierra Club Praises Clinton for Clean Air Rules

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@prodigy.net>

Here is Sierra Club's reaction to the diesel rules, which will have a major 
effect in Michigan.

Anne Woiwode

>December 21, 2000
>Allen Mattison, 202-675-7903
>               Sierra Club Praises Clinton for Clean Air Rules
>             Decision to Reduce Diesel Pollution will Save Lives
>Washington, DC:  The Sierra Club today praised the Clinton/Gore
>Administration for taking a bold step toward making  air cleaner for
>America's families.   The Administration's new rule announced today
>requires low-sulfur diesel fuel and cleaner diesel engines.  The move will
>greatly reduce types of pollution that make breathing difficult for people
>with respiratory problems, including children with asthma.
>"By reducing diesel exhaust, this new rule will save thousands of lives,"
>said Carl Pope.  "Because of this decision, children with asthma will be
>able to spend more time outdoors.  The elderly and people with respiratory
>problems will be able to breathe easier."
>The Administration's new rule will require diesel fuel to contain less
>sulfur and will require cleaner diesel engines.  When it goes into effect
>in 2006-2007, the rule will reduce pollution from trucks and buses by more
>than 90%.  Diesel engines from trucks and buses currently spew out 100
>times more sooty particles than comparable gasoline engines.  In addition
>to soot, they are a major contributor to smog.
>Diesel exhaust is not merely foul-smelling and unsightly, it's also a
>threat to public health.  The health risk is greater for children, the
>elderly, people who have respiratory problems, and people who live or work
>near diesel exhaust sources.  Diesel exhaust increases susceptibility to
>asthma, allergies and respiratory illness.  Asthma is on the rise; its
>prevalence increased 55% among children between 1982 and 1996.  Studies
>have also linked diesel exhaust to cancer.
>The Clinton Administration has already made major contributions to
>improving air quality.  It used new science to update the soot and smog
>rules, which will help protect the health of more than 100 million
>Americans who live in areas where the air is unsafe to breathe because of
>air pollution. (This rule is being challenged in the Supreme Court.)  The
>Administration also announced the toughest standards ever for reducing air
>pollution from automobile tailpipes.
>"The decision to cut diesel exhaust is perhaps this Administration's
>biggest improvement in air quality safeguards in terms of the potential for
>saving lives," said Pope.  "This is an excellent addition to the list of
>actions President Clinton and Vice President Gore have taken to make air
>cleaner for all of us."
>Strong opposition to the rule has come from oil companies and their friends
>in Congress.  The Sierra Club applauds the organizations that led the fight
>for this victory.  The Sierra Club intends to monitor closely the
>implementation of this rule because Americans have consistently and
>overwhelmingly supported efforts to reduce this kind of pollution and make
>our air cleaner and safer.
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