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Enviro-Mich message from Billy Stern <billysun@chorus.net>

>From: William Willers <willers@vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu>
>Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 10:08:52 -0600

>>Burt Lake/Cheboygan County, N. Michigan -- My family and I were enjoying
>>the frozen Great Lakes north woods over the last few days.  On Dec 24 we
>>noticed, while looking through a spotting scope, a large canine out on the
>>north end of frozen Burt Lake.  The large, dark animal held its tail low,
>>had a large head, and walked with a wild trot.  It did not act or look
>>like a dog or coyote.  Knowing that grey wolves are on a slow recovery in
>>Michigan's Upper Peninsula, we thought we may be seeing a wolf who had
>>ventured south across the Straits of Macinaw to suitable habitat of the
>>northern Lower Peninsula.
>>The graceful creature reappeared Christmas noon and we again watched her
>>through the scope.  She covered several miles across the bright ice,
>>stopping periodically to look around and dig in the snow.  Then a
>>snowmobiler appeared at high speed.  My mother watched in horror as the
>>snowmachine driver deliberately ran down and killed the animal.  He then
>>hauled the dead animal to a nearby ice-fishing shanty for a quick stop and
>>then revved his way toward the eastern shore of Burt Lake.
>>Outraged, we immediately took action.  A Michigan DNR conservation officer
>>was contacted.  We set out on a mission for justice for this wildlife
>>murder.  We loaded up the camera, and the rifle, grabbed the binoculars
>>and cell phone and headed out across the ice in the 10 degree chill toward
>>the shanty.
>>When we got there we saw a large amount of blood on the ice outside the
>>shanty.  A look inside revealed no animal.  Stenciled on the outside of
>>the green tree camo shack was "D. Budzinski, Cheboygan."  This information
>>was called in to Michigan DNR and another call revealed the address of
>>this person: 2830 Topinabee Mail Route, which was also relayed to DNR
>>conservation officer Greg Drogowski.  Snowmobile and animal tracks laced
>>the area.  The freshest machine tracks headed SE toward the reported address.
>>Around 4:30 pm there was communication from DNR.  The suspect had been
>>caught red (bloody) handed.  He was cited and had his snowmobile
>>confiscated on the spot.  DNR also recovered the animal's skin and
>>carcass.  The killer will appear in court later this winter.  DNR reported
>>the animal to be a "large coyote."  I will attempt to view the animal
>>tomorrow for confirmation and the incident will be referred to USFWS for
>>This type of senseless wildlife killing by motor vehicles happens everyday.
>>It is rare that murdering motorheads are caught.  But today, with the
>>catalyst of direct citizen activism and a prompt agency response (thanks,
>>DNR), the real eco-terrorist was found and lost his killing machine.  The
>>coyote sleeps tonight.  And we sleep tonight a little less disturbed that
>>a man who has run down an amazing animal has been caught and lost his sled
>>of two-stroke terror.
>>We must always walk with open eyes and demand action against the killers
>>of our natural heritage.  News of today's death, and prompt bust, will
>>circulate through poaching circles.  Let it be known to all who would run
>>down wildlife and destroy biological diversity with their machines:  we
>>are watching, we are everywhere, we will fight to defend nature, we will
>>bring to justice those who disrespect the inspiring life of the 
>>natural world.
>>Daniel Patterson
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