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E-M:/ Importing/exporting trash

Enviro-Mich message from Terry Link <link@MAIL.LIB.MSU.EDU>

The discourse around the Toronto-to-Michigan trash convoy that I have
observed, and I apologize for being off of EnviroMich for a bit until
yesterday, seems to ignore a fundamental flaw that is characteristic of our
own intra-state trash convoys. That is simply the incredible environmental,
social and health costs of transportation that this strategy creates. And we
all pay for it. In the mid-Michigan area we have a couple of major national
haulers and some smaller ones. Now we find that the large haulers like Waste
Management who collect our trash locally, have no trouble taking it far away
to a landfill they own and operate as opposed to depositing it locally.
Besides the extra pollution created by the unnecessary trucking, we create
more wear and tear on our roads, increase safety concerns, all for the
ability of a major firm to pressure the smaller or locally owned landfills
into a weaker financial situation, which I would guess is part of a plan to
make the territory more ripe for monopolistic control. 

The Canadian – Michigan gambit is just a more environmentally obscene means
of pushing the long term/full costs on to the generations that follow us. 

Where is our state legislature? Where is pay as you throw legislation?

Terry Link
Greater Laingsburg Recyclers
Past Member of the Clinton County Solid Waste Planning Committee
link@mail.lib.msu.edu <mailto:link@mail.lib.msu.edu> 

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