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E-M:/ FWD: OUCH! (#64--Bush's Payback Time)

Enviro-Mich message from Anne Woiwode <anne.woiwode@prodigy.net>

This bulletin may be of interest to Enviro-Mich subscribers -- note that Spence Abraham gets highlighted for his energy industry contributions -- THAT must explain Bush's perception this guy has a clue about energy!  AW

                OUCH! A Regular Bulletin on How Money in Politics Hurts You

January 4, 2001

Payback Time

· Expected price tag for Bush-Cheney inauguration: $30 million.

· Portion coming from private contributions: 100%.

· Cost of a table at any of three candlelight dinners on January 18 that
President-elect George W. Bush and Vice President-elect Dick Cheney are
expected to visit: $25,000.

· Maximum contribution that the Bush-Cheney Presidential Inaugural
Committee is accepting from private donors: $100,000.

· Number of donors who gave a total of $100,000 or more to parties and
candidates in the 2000 elections awarded positions on George W. Bush’s
Transition Advisory Teams: 14.

· Amount that Bush’s Energy Department Secretary nominee, Sen. Spencer
Abraham (R-MI), received from energy industry donors in his failed 2000
Senate race: $366,298.

· Rank of Abraham among all current senators in contributions accepted from
energy industry donors in the 2000 elections: 1.

· The number of industries that Bush’s nominee for Attorney General, Sen.
John Ashcroft (R-MO), ranks in the Senate top ten for contributions in the
2000 elections: 42, many of which have anti-trust and other matters pending
before the Justice Department.

· Rank of health industry professionals among donors to Health and Human
Services Secretary nominee Republican Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson in
his last race: 1.

· Rank of transportation industry among donors to Democrat Norm Mineta,
Bush’s pick for Transportation Department Secretary, in his last House
race: 1.

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