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Re: E-M:/ Environmental speakers at MSU, Spring Semester

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I receive my enviromich mail in a web-based account with a size limit of 
2400K. When I get an email on enviromich with attachments, I am NOT happy; 
this particular email takes up 1/5 of my account. If anyone has flyers or 
documents to share with people, I would prefer that they upload them to a 
location where they can be downloaded, and post the link to enviromich, 
rather than send out five billion K emails.


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Subject: E-M:/ Environmental speakers at MSU, Spring Semester
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 14:18:53 -0500

As part of a new course “Our Place on Earth: Experiencing and Expressing Our
Relationships to the Natural World” 16 speakers will address the class of
100 students each week on a different aspect of the social, philosophical,
and spiritual dimensions of place and nature. The room for the course holds
190 so there will be additional seating for up to 90 each week. There is no
charge and it is a first come first seated basis, with student seating
reserved for the front of the room.

This course is coordinated by the University Committee for a Sustainable
Campus as part of its mission to raise awareness of issues of sustainability
in a collaborative learning environment. Co-sponsorship, as noted in the
attached flyer is broad-based.

The range of speakers is impressive by almost any yardstick. See the
attached flyers for the series and the first speaker, Scott Russell Sanders,
January 11.

Flyers are in powerpoint format and the biographical sketch for Sanders is
in Word Perfect.

  <<ssc290finalflyer.ppt>>       <<sanders3w-border.ppt>>

Terry Link
Director, Office of Campus Sustainability
Environmental Studies/Urban Planning Librarian
Adjunct Faculty, Bailey Scholars Program
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East Lansing, MI 48824
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True charity is not a measure of how much one gives, but rather how much one
has left……….Anonymous

Be the change you want to see in life……………M. Gandhi

<< ssc290finalflyer.ppt >>
<< sanders3w-border.ppt >>
<< bio_paragraph.wpd >>

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