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Re: E-M:/ Romulus Public hearing Wed. Jan 17

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

Engler Happens!   -Bumper sticker.

And now little do-do piles and puddles are pooping up everywhere in Michigan. 
We need to get started on an aggressive campaign about the garbage and toxic 
waste stream flowing into Michigan. 
Wayne Disposal is asking for extra expansion. Romulus deep well is to be run 
by a Canadian without any experience. Toronto garbage by the hundreds of 
truckloads a day. It is certainly escalating. 
What about yard signs throughout the state? Signs along our highways? We thru 
the Internet now have the ability to mobilize state wide. I don't care if 
engler's watch dogs are monitoring our plans. If the state is going to crap 
in all our back yards, some clean up the do-do signs may be necessary.
What are we waiting for? Have some fun. Share a yard sign slogan. A highway 

Welcome to englerland, watch your step.

Please leave your garbage here, everyone else does. -engler

Trash is us. -engler

engler-Mich, land of Canada's garbage

Need to know how to contaminate a lake? Call 1 800 engler

Johnny E. and garbage, priceless

Experimental Highway, trash filled potholes-johnny e

enjoy our great lakes, bring a fork-johnny e

PCB soup for the soul- johnny e

If you can't walk on water, you have left Mich coastals- john 

build the dump fields, they will foul- engler

These aren't very good, help me, we can do better. Relieve some tension, take 
a shot at a slogan. It could be coming to yards near you soon. 
See you in Romulus 1/17.

Jerry Renning

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