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E-M:/ Fw: Clarification from USFS on Old-Growth



Here's a clarification from the Forest Service's Washington Office on news
stories about Mike Dombeck's Jan. 8 speech.  The note was addressed to
Forest Service public affairs officers.  Contact Heidi Valetkevitch at
202/205-1089 for more information.

Jack de Golia
Public Affairs Officer
Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest
Dillon, Montana
Email: jdegolia@fs.fed.us
Voice: (406) 683-3984; Fax: (406) 683-3855
For 24-hour information, call (406) 683-3913

As most of you know, the Chief's comments yesterday at
Duke University, which dealt with the future
management of old growth forests, were widely reported
today in the media, specifically the New York Times
and the Associated Press.  We've received a number of
media inquiries here at the national office.

Here is what you can tell your media contacts if

--The Chief did not make a policy statement in his
speech; he made a philisophical statement regarding
the future management of old growth forests.
--No where in the speech does it call for a ban on
logging in these areas.
--In his speech, the Chief states that revising Chief
Robertson's 1989 old growth policy will be a priority
for agency in the coming year, including completing an
inventory and map of old growth forests on NFS lands.
--Once the inventory is complete, the Chief also
states that the agency will begin to develop manual
direction for old growth forests pursuant to the new
planning regulations.

Please note that we do NOT have any official figures
on how many old growth forests/acres are on NFS lands.
  However, the agency suspects that a large
percentage of the remaining old growth forests in the
country are on NFS lands.

Heidi Valetkevitch
National Media Desk
USDA Forest Service
Washington, DC
(202) 205-1089
Cellular:  (202) 345-6732

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Native Forest Network - Public Lands Project
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