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Re: E-M:/ Romulus deepwells hearing

Just to keep things in perspective, you should all be aware that MDEQ had received several death threats shortly after the public hearing was noticed.  In addition, at two previous hearings tires had been slashed in the parking lot.  Once the victim was an 81/2 month pregnant MDEQ staffer.  Given the history of this project and the specific death threats by "peaceful opponents" of the project, I think MDEQ's actions were probably justified.

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I went to last night's DEQ hearing for the construction permit for the toxic
deep injection wells in Romulus. People were immensely frustrated by the
process and the meeting almost went out of control a couple of times. For
starters, everyone had to go through a metal detector to get into the
auditorium! One comment was that the DEQ would never protect the Romulus
citizens to the extent that they took safety precautions in that meeting.

Several state representatives stood with Rep. Basham and vowed to oppose the
facility should it be sited. They included minority leader Kwame Kilpatrick.
More than one person mentioned that Russ Harding was known to have stated
that the facility would be approved, before the site review board had even
started work. The DEQ complained that the site review board had not been
thorough, yet it had pressured the board throughout to speed up the process.
Then their comments in overriding the decision made statements such as that
there were no current studies of the need for the facility, even though an
excellent one was presented, and that it was not demonstrated that property
values would decrease, even though a realtor had presented a study of 5
similar wells in the US where the majority actually had tax assessments
rolled back substantially, and all had casement leaks and severe pollution
of the local area. There were many other substantive comments, but in
general people seemed to believe that the entire process was completely
crooked and their comments would not be heard. Rep. Basham, I believe,
commenting on the DEQ responses, asked if there were any such facility or
location which the DEQ in fact would not have given approval?

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