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Re: E-M:/ Romulus Hearing / Kary Moss

This came from the FREEP article on the Romulas deep well injection issue: 

"Environmental Disposal Systems President Douglas Wicklund was not at the hearing but in an interview Tuesday, he said the wells are safe and critics don't know about the technology. "We're not dealing with sophisticated, educated people," said Wicklund. "We're dealing with housewives who would read about this at breakfast.""

So, what Mr. Wickland is saying is that  "sophisticated" people would somehow accept their town being turned into a giant toilet without opposition.  To test this theory,  I suggest they site their deep well in Gross Point or Bloomfield Hills (or wherever John Engler and Russ Harding live).  Of course, this test assumes that people in those towns are indeed sophisticated and not just a bunch of "housewives".

As for the metal detectors, I would want those too if I were trampling over the public like many at DEQ seem to be doing.  Heck, at the rate Harding and the DEQ are going, they may want to invest in guard dogs and barbed wire around their compounds.....

P.S.  Do Michiganders know that the recent Supreme Court decision on wetlands opened up 4.1 MILLION acres of Wisconsin's wetlands to immediate development?  It did, indeed.  This is important since wisconsin shares several regional landscape ecosystems with Michigan's UP, including those that contain lots of newly unprotected wetlands.  Vilas and Oneida counties are particularly hard hit. 


Dave Zaber

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