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Re: E-M:/ Romulus deepwells hearing

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

In the weeks that followed Kent State, we were marching thru the streets of 
Mankato MN. when there came a report of a a fire bomb destroying a 
person-less mail truck. The effect was more police, and some public opinion 
swayed away from support of students towards the establishment.
Our discussions with marchers in the weeks that followed, produced no one, 
coming forward to accept responsibility for the bombing. Best guess-the feds 
bombed their own empty vehicle in order to add more police, and sway 
Who called in these threats Kenneth? In fact who slashed tires? 
In this case, it is possible it was frustrated people who feel unheard, by 
two people in Lansing. They, make potential life threatening decisions 
concerning people they represent, and don't even have the decency to come to 
meetings. I think there may be good voiceless people in the DEQ who want to 
stay employed which means not only keeping their beliefs quiet, but are the 
stooges at these meetings. 
But I can only speculate who did these threatening things, do you know for 
The people who attended the meeting were all held accountable, Kenneth. We 
could not have our pocket knives, we had to empty pockets, we were metal 
detected, and hand metal detected, and they took our water/pop away. The 
circus people on the stage sat there and drank their water right in front of 
The poison that is to be put into the belly of the earth will eventually 
migrate. People will die, water and earth will become contaminated and no 
longer usable, and no one will be held accountable. The government and the 
owner of the site, will not be metal detected or have their water taken away. 
But they will have gone beyond slashed tires, and idle threats. 
That will be russ and john's legacy.
That's my opinion. I'm pissed, but not violent. 
Jerry Renning

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 Date:  01/18/2001 3:51:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
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 Just to keep things in perspective, you should all be aware that
 MDEQ had received several death threats shortly after the public
 hearing was noticed.  In addition, at two previous hearings tires
 had been slashed in the parking lot.  Once the victim was an 81/2
 month pregnant MDEQ staffer.  Given the history of this project
 and the specific death threats by "peaceful opponents" of the
 project, I think MDEQ's actions were probably justified.

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