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Re: E-M:/ Romulus deepwells hearing

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

While I don't agree with death threats and tire slashing as a way to stop a 
toxic dump, at least they were attempting to DO something. 
We here on Enviro-Mich have had some great conversations. Very informative, 
if they were read. But aren't we just talking? What action do we plan to take?
We have, thru the Internet, a chance to communicate [done that], to plan and 
to follow a plan. I don't see us using the tools as well as we can here.
In Greatest American Hero, our main character finds Superman's Suit. But he 
losses the directions, and fly's about haphazardly. That's us! We do great 
things each and every week, but there is much more we need to do. We have so 
much potential, we need to use these tools, and we will be even more 
We have lawyers, do we suit the EPA, for ignoring the Site Review Board's 
In the 60s without computers we marched all over the nation. There was 
passion beyond words, and it was effective. Would that work today? 
Bumper stickers, yard signs, are an inexpensive way of alerting "fence 
turtles." Even if they put them up because the colors matched their 
upholstery, who cares? They would not just be talking, they would be taking 
If we don't DO something, then people become frustrated. And they threaten 
employee stooges, and slash helpless tires, who have no power anyway. We have 
the opportunity to be the leaders, to give focus to that energy, what are we 
going to do? Are we up to the task of leading the way?
If you are interested in taking action, contact me, please. My interests are 
in reducing the power and influence of Engler and Harding. Engler is almost 
done, as he times out of office. When he leaves this office, a federal 
position is likely. The saga continues at a higher level. I would like to see 
him leave office "the public embarrassment," tarnished man, and failure of 
the people he has become. The circus should be the only one interested in 
that clown. Same with Harding.

Jerry Renning


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